ADVANTECH Data Link Solutions (ADLS):

            ADLS offers high end networking solutions to the Indian market. ADLS has tied up with several high tech worldwide partners and imports state of the art LAN/WAN equipment, bringing cutting edge, state of the art technology to the Indian Market.

            ADLS is the brainchild of J.T.Vedanayagam, an Electronics Engineer with 36 years experience in providing Information Technology (IT) based Customized Solutions.

            Information when sharable becomes knowledge. To import knowledge a good network is required and ADLS implements the most efficient non-invasive networks in India with Solar Power & Wireless Technology. ADLS designs, implements, maintains & manages a plethora of End-to-End Networking Solutions and is the Single Point of Contact

Industry Solutions:

            ADLS implemented Wireless Convergence Networks for the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) so that the imported TBMs working in India could have Voice, Data, Video & Internet Connectivity, underground for 40 Km, on Land for 100 Km and VPN Internet Tunnels back to USA, Germany & Italy. Robbins – USA, Herrenknecht – Germany & Seli – Italy are a few of our multinational customers. This was the first time in world that such solutions were implemented for the TBM Industry.

           Several complex Wireless Surveillance Networks were implemented for the Larsen & Tubro Group Units in Coimbatore & Chennai, Roots Group in and around Coimbatore and several large Schools such as Stanes & SJN.

Human~Animal Conflict & Wireless Early Warning Systems:

            A few tears ago ADLS started addressing the mitigation of Human~Animal Conflict on the Valparai Plateau with Wireless Early Warning Systems of their own design. This was the first such innovation in the country. Several units were implemented on a complementary basis in Conflict Prone Areas. With the success of these installations, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department place orders for such units all over Tamil Nadu. Several private Tea Estates & Farms also followed suit.

            Currently a Wireless Early Warning System to prevent injury/death to elephants on the rail track is being implemented between Coimbatore & Palghat.

Wireless Intranet & Smart Forest Management:

            ADLS initially implemented a Wireless Intranet in the Anamallai Tiger Reserve (ATR) with a PTZ Camera to monitor the water body of the Amaravathy Reservoir. The Video Feed from this camera was monitored from the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) 15 Kilometres away.

            Another Wireless Intranet Surveillance Solution was implemented for the Thiruvallur Forest Division to monitor their extensive Red Sanders Plantations. This ushered in the era of Smart Forest Management with Wireless Intranets. Around 40 Wireless IR PTZ Cameras were installed and video feed from 65 Km away is being monitored at the Control Room.

            With the introduction HD IR & Thermal PTZ Cameras, ATR has extended their Wireless Intranet to the DFO’s Office, Range Offices, Check Posts, Anti Poaching Camps, with central monitoring at the DMC.

            Several more Wireless Intranet Smart Forest Management Solutions for Tiger Reserves are in the pipeline.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

            The Road Map for ADLS is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mitigate Human~Animal Conflict. Considerable resources are currently being employed for the development of AI based Early Warning Systems. These are heady times for ADVANTECH and we will keep you posted as developments occur.


Whatever & wherever your requirement is, do get back to us and we will design a solution for you. This is the motto of ADVANTECH Data Link Solutions.